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Photographs of dead bodies in mass graves are NOT proof of the "Holocaust" or any mass murder - Bergen-Belsen

These are, indeed, inmates at who died at a Nazi concentration camp [Bergen-Belsen]
But are photographs like this "proof" of the alleged "Holocaust"?

A couple questions any rational human should ask themselves
When presented a picture such as this in the context of the alleged "Holocaust" being true, it is easy on an emotional level to accept this as "undeniable proof" of a German plan for mass genocide.  But not so fast.  Let's stop an use our intellect and reason for a minute. 
Question number one: how did these people die?  Was it murder?  Or could it have been something else, such as an outbreak of disease?  Question number two: who exactly are the people who died?  Are they really all jewish, as the Holyhoax propagandists would have us believe?  Or could they actually be non-Jewish -- such as German political prisoners, Soviet POWs, or those of other nationalities including Poles, Czechs, or gypsies?  Or a mix of jews and non-jews?

Nazi camp workers stand amongst corpses at a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen [2]

If Nazis are in the pit, who is that standing at the top with guns?

Surely, that is an evil Nazi pushing these corpses into a mass grave, right?

No.  It is a British soldier on the bulldozer, after the "liberation" of the Bergen-Belsen camp on April 19, 1945

These inmates died of disease, not mass murder

These photographs were taken at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.  This was a camp located in the northern part of Germany, and mainly used as a camp to house prisoners of war (POWs).  Jews were only a small minority among the inmates at Bergen-Belsen, which included Czechs, Poles, Germans, Roma, gypsies, Belgian and French POWs, and a large number of Soviet POWs.  Today it is acknowledged even by proponents of the orthodox "Holocaust" story that there were no homicidal gas chambers nor any mass murder conducted at the Bergen-Belsen camp. 

The reason for mass deaths at Bergen-Belsen were outbreaks of disease (including typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and dysentery) at the camp in the last few months of the war.   Right before the end of the war, tens of thousands of inmates from camps in the east had been evacuated to Bergen-Belsen, overcrowding the camp.  Conditions inside Germany were horrendous as Germany was being invaded from the East and West by the Allies.  Germany was largely destroyed by a mass bombing campaign, with infrastructure and railway and other supply lines significantly disabled.  In this environment, it was difficult to supply the camps (and free German civilians) with food, medical supplies, and other goods.   As a result, many of the inmates died from disease in the final two months of the war. 

A British Army chaplain says a few words over a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen [4]

 Victims of typhus and other diseases, not any gassings
The Germans showed far more respect for camp inmates who died than the Allies
The Germans buried inmates who died at Bergen-Belsen at a cemetery located on the camp grounds.  The British Army, however, showed little respect for these victims and pushed their corpses with bulldozers like trash in a landfill into mass grave pits. [5]

Gruesome, but not mass murder 

The British Army forces German soldiers and guards at the Bergen-Belsen camp to drag the dead bodies of inmates into mass graves.  [6]

Victims of typhus and other disease, not gassings

British soldiers supervise German SS women, being forced to dump bodies of dead inmates into a mass grave. [7]

Deaths attributable to the conditions caused by the Allied bombing and destruction of Germany, not any intentional mass murder by the Germans

Female and male SS guards at Bergen-Belsen unloading dead bodies of inmates for burial in mass graves.  [8]

A memorial for the dead

A monument to one of the many mass graves located at Bergen-Belsen today.  In German, it says "Here lies 5,000 dead - April 1945"

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Herman Rosenblat's tale, the "Holocaust's greatest love story", exposed and admitted to be a hoax. Yet Holyhoaxer is unrepentent and maintains "It was not a my imagination it was true"

Herman Rosenblat and his wife Roma

Like most other purported "survivors" of the Holocaust™ Industry, Herman Rosenblat is an old jew who completely fabricated his story.

Herman and his wife were stars on the Holyhoax circuit for over a decade telling their story, and Herman wrote a book titled "Angel at the Fence."

It was hailed in the jewish-controlled lamestream media and widely promoted.  Oprah Winfrey placed Rosenblat's book on her list, and even called it the "greatest love story" she had ever heard.

His story told the tale of himself as a boy in a Nazi concentration camp who fell in love with a girl, his wife Roma, who tossed him apples over the fence of the camp.

A children's book, titled "Angel Girl", was written based on his story.  And a movie deal was in the works to bring his tale to Hollywood. 

Then, in 2008 after over a decade of telling his story, some Holocaust "scholars" began to publicly question his story and the publisher of his book found the integrity to do for him what very few Holyhoax "survivors" have been able to do -- admit that the story was a hoax and that he had made it all up.

But Rosenblatt is defiant and maintains, "It was not a lie.  It was my imagination.  And in my imagination, in my mind, I believe it.  Even now I believe it.  Yes, it's not true.  But in my imagination, it was true."

Herman still claims he really was in the Buchenwald camp, but that's about it.

Surprisingly, the jews in Hollywood still plan to produce a movie based on his story.  They and the kosher "scholar" pimps of Shoah Inc hope that this little "white lie" doesn't "give fuel" to those deniers of the "reality" of the "holocaust of 6 million jews". 

Article: Holocaust 'greatest' love story a hoax